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Home Cinema Introduction

The excitement of the cinema, from the comfort of your sofa ... Home cinema brings the full sound and big-screen experience of the movie theatre into your living room.

Technology has moved on so much in the last few years that you can enjoy an excellent home cinema experience without paying a fortune. High Definition Surround Sound allows you to immerse yourself in the action, while large plasma and LCD TVs offer incredibly clear widescreen viewing.

For those of you lucky enough to be able to afford it, the sky is the limit when it comes to Home Cinema. More and more people are creating a dedicated area of their home for that truly authentic Home Cinema experience.

A true Home Cinema experience

For the ultimate Home Cinema experience however, many consider a projector as the only way to go. If you want to find out more, you might like to read our Projector Guide.

For optimal movie viewing, you'll need a "wide-screen" set with a 16:9 (width to height) aspect ratio. These most closely duplicate cinema screens, so you'll see the movie as the filmmakers intended. HDTV and most DVDs play in the wide-screen format.

When planning your home cinema system you can go for a ready made (out of the box) solution or you can build your own from seperate components. We will look at the different routes to building your home cinema following sections. As sound plays such an important element of your home cinema system we also have a section dedicated to optimizing sound.

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