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Sharp LC37XD1E Review
28th April 2007
Sharp Aquos 37XD1E

37in LCD TV
Superb High Definition pictures and above average Standard Definition performance for a mid range price.
HD Ready

Reviewed: 28 April 2007


The LC37XD1E like many LCD’s on the market today sports a glossy black finish. It’s the fact that most of the frame space is reserved for the screen itself that lends the LC37XD1E a sophisticated look that few others can match.

A fixed pedestal comes as standard, but there are also optional wall mounts if this is the preferred option. A useful feature is that all of the screens connections are available through a section in the side of the rear panel, which allows easy access.


A Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 is the most notable feature of the Sharp LC37XD1E, and we have seen a growing number of LCD TVs with this format appearing. In a nutshell, this configuration allows pictures from Sky for example (1080i) to be displayed with one-to-one pixel mapping rather than any downscaling to fit a lower resolution screen.

Screen size & shape: 37in 16:9
Tuner: Digital
Sound system: Nicam/A2 Stereo
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
HD Ready: Yes
Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
Brightness: 450cd/m2
OTHER FEATURES: 7-day EPG support.
SOCKETS: 2 HDMI input, 2 scarts (1 RGB), composite video input, S-video input, PC input.

Connectivity on the LC37XD1E is good rather than outstanding with 2 HDMI inputs, two Scart terminals (1 RGB), composite, S-video and PC input.

The verdict is still out on just how much of a difference a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution makes, but it is certainly the ultimate in future-proofing your flat screen just at the moment, and is positively recommended if you are a serious gamer or plan to buy a High Definition DVD. All of these source have the capability to deliver pictures to your screen in the best quality 1080p format.

The picture processing on the Sharp LC37XD1E comes in the shape of Sharp's HD Anti-Judder technology, which enhances detail and contrast while creating more progressive movement from external sources. In addition there is Sharp’s 4-Wavelength Backlight System, which adds crimson to the standard RGB spectrum to improve natural red reproduction and skin tones.

The Sharp LC37XD1E comes equipped with a built-in freeview tuner and 7-day Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) with a small window which allows the viewer to carry on watching.

A couple of interesting sound features include surround mode and a “Clear Voice” function that improves speech if you're watching programmes which are dialogue heavy such as chat shows.


The Sharp LC37XD1E is at its best with High Definition (HD) sources which look superb. Pictures are pin sharp, and show an incredible level of detail. Colours are truly outstanding, showing a depth and vibrancy that is class leading for a 37in LCD TV.

The slightest intricacies of detail are displayed with incredible clarity, while some of the most impressive black levels we’ve seen on an LCD create contrast and realistic perspective. Colours are well balanced between natural and superficial shades, in particular, skin tones fair remarkably well with a level of realism that is unsurpassed. Images are immaculately clean as well, without any noise or blurring.

Standard Definition (SD) pictures on the LC37XD1E highlight the shortcomings of the format rather than the panel itself. Sharp take a different approach to SD display opting for as sharp and detailed a picture as possible, rather than employing the 'softening' techniques of say Sony or Toshiba.

Inevitably, pictures suffer from some jaggedness as a result and motion smearing is apparent on fast moving scenes. However, the SD performance of Sharp's LC37XD1E is as good as its competitors, especially if you prefer the 'vivid' approach rather than the 'softening' approach.

Sound is not the strongest feature of the LC37XD1E with a lack of depth in the bass department, but it never detracts from the overall experience.


As a mid level entrant, the LC37XD1E is a compelling package. It is possibly the best 37in High Definition performer at the time of writing, and the Standard Definition performance is pretty good too.

How much you like the LC37XD1E could well depend on how you like your pictures presented on-screen. Sharp have gone for pin point accuracy rather than the softness of Sony.

Sound doesn't impress, but neither does it detract too much from the all round performance of this highly desirable package. Add a decent sound system and the LC37XD1E suddenly looks like a solution to everyone's big screen flat panel needs, especially if the majority of your viewing is in HD.