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LG LCD & Plasma TV Range 2012
Samsung LCD & Plasma TV Range 2012
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Panasonic LED & LCD TV Range 2012
  • TX-L55WT50B,
  • TX-L47WT50B,
  • TX-L42WT50B,
Panasonic's flagship LED TVs come with a super narrow frame and an 'Active' implementation of 3D with two pairs of glasses. There is an on-board dual core processor for multitasking (up to six apps) which also drives the locally dimmed LED screen via 'Smart Viera Engine Pro'. You get a Full HD, Neo Black LED Panel with 1600 Hz backlight scanning. Elsewhere you get built-in wi-fi, VIERA Connect, PVR and Media Playback via USB and SD card along with 4 HDMI ports and ISF calibration. The remote gets a touchpad contol.
  • TX-L55DT50B,
  • TX-L47DT50B,
  • TX-L42DT50B,
The DT50 gets most of the features found on the WT50 but loses the dual core processor, local LED dimming and free 3D glasses. You also lose the touchpad on the remote and get a slightly thicker frame.
  • TX-L47ET50B,
  • TX-L42ET50B,
The ET50 is similar to the DT50, but you lose ISF calibration and get 'Clear Panel' rather than 'Clear Panel Pro' anti reflection filter. Backlight scanning drops down from 1600Hz to 800Hz.
  • TX-L55ET5B,
  • TX-L47ET5B,
  • TX-L42ET5B,
  • TX-L37ET5B,
  • TX-L32ET5B,
The ET5B gets a 'Passive' implementation of 3D technology with 4 pairs of glasses included. You get an LED screen with 300Hz Backlight Scanning along with built-in Wi-fi, VIERA Connect, Media Playback via USB, an SD card and 4 HDMI ports.
  • TX-L47E5B,
  • TX-L42E5B,
  • TX-L37E5B,
  • TX-L32E5B,
The E5B is similar to the ET5B but loses 3D capability and Wi-fi is optional (via a dongle). The LED panel gets 150Hz rather than 300Hz Backlight Scanning.
  • TX-L32X5B,
  • TX-L24X5B,
  • TX-L19X5B,
The X5B gets a 50Hz LED screen with a Full HD resolution along with Panasonic V-Real Plus. Elsewhere you get 'Clear Panel' filter along with 3 HDMI inputs
  • TX-L32C5B,
  • TX-L24C5B,
The C5B is similar to the X5B but loses the 'Clear Panel' filter and HDMI count goes down to 2.
LG LCD & Plasma TV Range 2012
Samsung LCD & Plasma TV Range 2012
Sony LCD TV Range 2012