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LED TV Introduction


LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has been with us now in one shape or form for some time. The technology has actually been around since the early 20th Century although some of us will be more familiar with those bulky silver watches with bright red LED displays from the 70s.

It is the recent integration of LED's into the familiar LCD flat panel TV however, that marks an exciting new development of a technology which offers the potential for a superior viewing experience.

LCD TV's have traditionally relied on a fluorescent 'backlight' (something like the one in many household kitchens) for their illumination. The problem with this 'always on' backlight is that it is difficult to achieve the rich deep blacks that we take for granted on Plasma screens.



LED TV advantages

An indication of the depth and purity of black levels produced by this new wave of LED TV's can be gleaned from the manufacturers claimed contrast ratios (in a nutshell the difference between the brightest white and darkest black that can be produced onscreen). Always to be taken with a pinch of salt, LED TV's will however invariably claim a contrast ratio of around 1,000,000:1 rather than a figure closer to 50,000:1 for traditional LCD TV's.

LED TV's consume much less power than your the traditional LCD TV's; About 40% less compared to a similar sized screen.

Certain implementations of LED technology produce much slimmer screens.

LED TV's offer a greatly expanded range of colours (gamut), particularly when RGB-LED backlighting is used.

With the removal of lead from the manufacturing process along with longer life, they are considered more environmentally friendly.

Ultimately, LED TV's produce sharper on screen images with a greater range of colours, faster response times along with superior contrast ratios.

If you are already familiar with HDTV (High Definition TV) you might like to have a look at the next section in this guide, Buying your LED TV. If not, you might like to read our guide to HDTV.

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