Blu-ray Guide
Blu-ray Guide
Top Ten Blu-ray Players

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Blu-ray players: your options

1. Sony BDP-S790 (93%)

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SUMMARY Not the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market, but the BDP-S790 delivers stunning pictures along with a huge feature list including future proofing via 4K upscaling

FOR Feature list, looks stunning, quality pictures

AGAINST A little pricey, no DivX support

2. Panasonic DMR-BW780 (92%)

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SUMMARY One of the most accomplished Blu-ray players available, at a price

FOR Fabulous performance with twin Freesat tuners, Blu-ray recording, a hard drive and more

AGAINST Expensive

3. Panasonic DMP-BD65 (92%)

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SUMMARY Panasonic have re-defined what the consumer can now expect from a mid range Blu-ray player

FOR Picture and acoustic quality


4. LG BD390 (92%)

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SUMMARY Still one of the most well equipped, best performing Blu-ray player on the market

FOR Stunning pictures, specification and acoustic ability

AGAINST Not quite as good value as the best

5. Sony BDP-S760 (92%)

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SUMMARY The BDP-S760 offers class leading performance for the price

FOR Well-equipped with stunning picture and acoustic performance

AGAINST A little pricey

6. Samsung BD-C6900 (92%)

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SUMMARY The BD-C6900 is one of the best looking, most feature packed and best performing Blu-ray players around, at a price

FOR Picture quality, on line features, 3D capability, Design

AGAINST A little expensive

7. Samsung BD-C8500 (91%)

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SUMMARY Samsung have created an interesting option with a multi purpose box of tricks with that all in one convenience

FOR Excellent picture quality, Freeview HD, 500GB PVR capability

AGAINST A little expensive

8. Sony BDP-S570 (91%)

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SUMMARY A good all round player that falls just short of the best of the competition

FOR Picture and acoustic quality, on line features, 3D enabled

AGAINST On line features not as good as some rivals

9. Panasonic DMP-BD85 (91%)

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SUMMARY One of the best performers at launch, the DMP-BD85 is now slipping down the pecking order

FOR Superb picture performance

AGAINST Design not very inspiring, sluggish load time

10. Sony PS3 (90%)

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SUMMARY No other player can offer the all round entertainment options, but most other players offer better performance

FOR Excellent Blu-ray pictures and games console make for a great value piece of kit

AGAINST Features and performance bettered by stand alone players

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